Boulder / Denver Location

Now Enrolling: Youth Ultimate Off-Season Lifting Course!

Coach Bert Abbott is located in Boulder, and is available to work with you! She is offering custom programs designed around you and your needs. 

Bert’s specialty and focus is on the ultimate frisbee community; she has also worked with climbers, martial artists, skiers, and a wide variety of other athletes.

Lifting programs with Bert are currently available at Barbell Strategy in Boulder. She is also available for field clinics throughout the greater Denver area.


Get together with a crew of your own and set up a regular time to train under the guidance of a strength & conditioning coach! Perfect for teams or groups of athletes working toward similar goals.

Prices are as low as $150/person for an 8-week course, depending on group size. 

Personal Training

When you enter a training relationship with Bert, you’re agreeing to mutually commit with her to reaching your goals. 

This means that you’ve got specific goals in mind, whether it’s competing in your sport or completing your return to performance after an injury, and you’re prepared to do the work it takes to reach those goals. Bert will work with you to craft a training plan that is truly individualized to your needs and the demands of the activities you’re undertaking.

Because of the up-front investment Bert puts into learning about each of her clients and planning for their needs, one session is $140, while committing to a personal training package gets as low as $90/session. 


Want to get together with your team and learn the fundamentals of lifting or refine your running technique? Schedule a clinic with Bert in the gym or on the field!

Clinic prices vary depending on location and the number of sessions booked for the same group. Discounted rates for youth teams are available.