Core Challenge

Strive & Uplift’s Core Challenge is a program that trains your body and mind as an integrative whole. We will guide you through a progression of skills to create more than just core strength, you will also develop awareness, coordination, and control throughout your whole body.

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Features of the Challenge

You will receive…

  • Core Concepts Clinic
  • Goal Setting
  • 4 Core Classes
  • Daily Practice
  • 4 Bodyweight Workouts
  • Support and Guidance
  • Supplemental Resources

You will experience…

  • Virtual community engagement and accountability
  • Improved awareness of integrating core with movement
  • Increased muscle strength and tone of core muscles
  • Balanced muscular strength
  • Enhanced muscular control of torso and limbs
  • Increased mobility and stretch of the muscles and range of motion within the joints

How the Challenge Works

The Core Challenge is 45 days long, with 4 cycles that include a core workout led by Kira and Becca and bodyweight exercises led by one of the amazing Strive & Uplift coaches! 

  • The core workouts progress in order to deepen your core knowledge, strength, and stability over the cycles. The bodyweight workouts are an opportunity to apply what you learned into functional movement. 
  • We will provide a goal setting and tracking sheet. Submit it at the end of the challenge to be entered a raffle to win prizes! 
  • You will also receive supplemental materials along the way that contain tips and tricks based on your questions plus resources from our collaborators that will deepen your knowledge and understanding. 
  • We will utilize Slack to communicate and create community engagement and accountability.  You will be able to ask your coaches for help with modifications and questions about exercises and communicate with each other to share learnings and get support!

Sample of Class

Check out a sample of what the Core Challenge Classes look like!

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Sign up by September 2nd and get 20% off!