Ren Caldwell

Strength & Conditioning Coach

OWNER, CEO, CMO, NSCA CSCS, FMS, Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor

For almost a decade, I focused on providing high quality, sport-specific and innovative programming to the ultimate community. Extending my coaching into other field sports and working with people of all ages/ability levels has been an amazing shift– we’re creating an awesome movement community!

My work with individuals, coaches and teams focuses on helping improve movement patterns and safely load bodies for better performance and injury reduction. I’m especially dedicated to working with girls’ teams, as they’re traditionally underestimated and under-resourced, and helping people bridge the gap between rehab and returning to play/activity.

My biggest thrill is the feedback I get when someone tells me they’ve added an inch to their vertical, made it through their season without injury for the first time, or can now move through daily tasks without pain. Values-centered and results-oriented fitness and wellness is my passion!