RTP – Program Intro

What is this Program About?

The goal of this programming is to educate and guide postpartum women in safely and efficiently returning to their desired level of athletic activity. There is a high level of variability in women’s physiology and lifestyle both before and after having a child, and therefore this program will focus on exercises that help women progress towards specific functional benchmarks. Not everyone will follow on the same timeline — some women will need only a few sessions of programming to move “up” a level, while it may take others a bit longer.  It’s important to move at the pace that is right for your body!

Exercises can be done once per day but will be useful if done less often – however, it’s important not to move to the next level until the benchmarks are hit!

Bodies are really good at finding workarounds and compensating – this is great from a survival standpoint or for getting a task done, but it means that you could be cheating without realizing it. Take your time with everything and really pay attention to your body and the mechanics of movement.

Pregnancy and having a child is a major process for your body to go through, and a challenge to recover from.  Everyone’s experience is different, and everyone will move at a different pace or timeline. Each level of this series will have its own set of benchmarks that you will need to be able to consistently perform with good technique before moving on to the next level.

Before you Start: Is this Program Safe for You?

When do you need to consult a specialist (and which one?)

  • Symptoms:
    • pain- including lower back, pelvis, hip, shoulders, neck
    • leakage or loss of control of urine, gas or feces
    • prolapse, sensation of heaviness in pelvis
  • Recognizing Rectus Diastasis: curl up test
    • Having a diastasis is common
    • *Need to look at video to cutoff for “safe exercise”
  • Recognizing scar tissue/Scar Tissue Assessment:
    • Considerations for Cesarean Section births, Vaginal births
  • Resource:  Reviving Your Sex Life After Childbirth, book by Kathe Wallace

What do you need for this program?

  • Foam roller
  • Balloon: standard 10-12” party balloon
  • Circle band
  • Resistance band long enough to be anchored in doorway (3-4 feet long)
  • Hand weights
  • Mirror
  • Kettlebell