RTP – Instructor Bios

Ren Caldwell

I’m the owner of Strive & Uplift, a strength and conditioning community committed to creating and maintaining a safe and supportive space for all athletes. I have been a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach for more than 20 years, and have grown a lot in my approach to coaching. I love troubleshooting movement patterns to help increase athletic performance, and also working with people who are “done” with rehab but not yet able to return to their desired level of activity. I have extensive training as a hardstyle kettlebell instructor and am also FMS-certified (Functional Movement Screen) – I use these skills to craft effective programming with an emphasis on performance and injury reduction. 

I have had two kids via C-section who’ve grown up really fast (they’re 11 and 16) and have worked hard to get to the place where I now feel comfortable exploring new activities like aerial and Ultimate. I have worked with many clients during pregnancy and postpartum, helping them stay connected to their changing bodies and finding new balance, and have always wished I was able to offer those resources to people who weren’t able to meet with me face-to-face (or afford personal training). I did not have a lot of support or education around returning to activity after having kids, so I’m excited to be offering you that guidance now in collaboration with my team and these awesome PTs!

Deb Scheibe

Photo credit: Mel Deaver

 I am an orthopedic and sports rehab Physical Therapist at Real Rehab Sports and Physical Therapy in Seattle.  My goal as a PT is to help people learn to move better, without pain or limitation, so they move freely through daily life and be able to do all the other fun sports and recreational activities they want.  Personally, I grew up playing and competing in a lot of different sports (soccer, Nordic and Alpine skiing, softball, basketball, and whatever games my brothers and I could do together), and started playing competitive Ultimate at Carleton College.  My Ultimate career took me through the highest levels nationally and internationally, including two Club National Championships and two World Club Championships with Seattle women’s club teams, and two World Games Gold medals with Team USA mixed teams.  

As a mom of 2 young boys – both delivered by C-section – I have struggled with body and identity changes through pregnancy and delivery, and the time, energy, and fitness challenges of being active and feeling strong again for life and as a competitive athlete again.  Some underlying foundational weaknesses and inefficient patterns were revealed when I lost most of my muscle mass while on bed rest for 6 weeks prior to delivery of my second child. It is still a process to work on those foundational patterns and improve strength, but I have been able to rebuild my body and get to a point where I feel strong and powerful competing again at the highest levels of Masters Ultimate (winning Worlds in 2018, runner-up at Nationals in 2019), and playing for Seattle Mixtape, one of the top Mixed club teams in the country. I hope this Return to Performance program helps you navigate through your postpartum journey a little more smoothly.

Catherine Nutting

I am a sports Physical Therapist and Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS) with advanced training in pelvic health, based out of Real Rehab Sports and Physical Therapy in Seattle. Early in my physical therapy career, my enjoyment of working with patients with multi-dimensional lower extremity conditions evolved to treating pelvic pain, core issues, and pelvic floor dysfunctions. I am especially passionate about helping women along the pregnancy spectrum.  I’ve worked with countless women throughout their rehabilitation journey, from pregnancy through postpartum, to return to competitive sport. I believe that building efficient postpartum movement patterns is essential to recovering from pregnancy and birth, as well as decreasing injury risk in years to come. The recovery process is also an opportunity for the athlete to reset inefficient movement patterns that existed prior to pregnancy.

I’ve been an outdoor and movement enthusiast throughout my life. I played many sports as a young athlete, and I am currently enjoying open water swimming, hiking, and cycling. Through my PT practice and my own athletic adventures, I recognize the importance of building strong foundations for complex movement patterns. My commitment is to healthy movement that creates a lifetime of activity and joy. I truly believe that movement is medicine. My hope is that this program empowers you in every part of your postpartum journey.