Becca Arnold

Pilates Instructor, ACE Group Fitness

I love that I work in both the Pilates and strength training arenas, and I really love it when they collide. Coaching both movements styles to people has been a passion of mine for over a decade. Being able to help people learn how to use their bodies, improve functional movements, increase flexibility, and gain strength has been so rewarding that I don’t think I could ever stop!

I really enjoy working with people who understand that health and fitness is a practice. Always pursuing the next opportunity to grow, whether mentally, physically or emotionally. I’m passionate about helping those who don’t feel comfortable with movement and want to learn how to improve their bodies so they can live their best lives. 

I can geek out on all forms of movement, but Pilates has taught me so much about my own body that it is where my true passion lies. But strength training is not second place either. It’s amazing to see how you can engage your body and mind to improve mobility and gain strength when using the right movement patterns for your body. 

After feeling limited with my own movements and then discovering Pilates and Strength Training later in life, I know how it can feel when approaching something new, scary and physically challenging. I strive to provide individualized guidance to everyone I work with, showing the way to a better and stronger life. I’m so proud that I get to be a part of Strive & Uplift and this amazing community!