FAQ for Physical Locations

Are you requiring proof of vaccination for all physical locations?

Yes! Proof of vaccination can be submitted via email to striveanduplift@gmail.com, or you can bring your vax card to your first indoor session! Thanks for helping keep our community safe!!

Do I have to wear a mask?

If you are participating in any indoor services, yes! Outdoor sessions are still mask-optional, and of course if you’re participating on Zoom, you don’t need to wear a mask! This policy may change if the guidance from WA State and the CDC change, but for now, masks are the way to go.

What are your COVID policies and protocols?

We have a great resource with all the information that you need on our website! We’re constantly updating our COVID P&P, so check there for any new information – we also have ample signage posted in our physical locations!

What are the differences between the Ballard and West Seattle locations?

The Ballard space is larger and will be able to accommodate independent lifting (gym access). We’re going to start out with a total capacity of 7 people (including coaches) and classes of no more than 6 participants. West Seattle can have 3 people in classes, and will be the main space for hybrid classes due to a less noisy space!

What is parking like? How about transportation?

All our locations (including Kira’s Studio and Cherry Gym) have ample free street parking! There is also paid parking all around the Ballard gym. Both the West Seattle and Ballard spaces are on major streets/bus lines, and are pleasant to walk around at any time of day.

Can I bring my bike inside the Ballard Gym?

Unfortunately not – there’s not enough space indoors! There are several bike racks close by on Market Street, and we can try to get one installed in front of the space if there’s enough demand!

Will the gym dogs be back in Ballard?

We’re still trying to figure out if it makes sense to have dogs in the gym – while we love them dearly, we’re deciding to prioritize the humans in the space for the moment! We might have dog hours or visits sometimes, but to start (especially with all the COVID considerations) we’re going to keep our furry friends at home. That means no visits from your dogs, either, at least for the moment! <3

What should I bring to the gym?

Plan on bringing a water bottle and a mat! We have a small number of yoga mats at the gym for emergencies, but we’re limiting shared equipment as much as possible (and mats are porous) in these COVID times.

Can I change clothes at the gym?

Sort of? We were planning to create a changing room area in Ballard, and we might still do it down the line if there’s enough demand! We’re prioritizing maximizing air flow and utilizing all available square footage right now. All our physical locations have bathrooms where you can change, though they’re not very large. If you can, change clothes before you come or after you leave!

Are drop-ins allowed? How are you welcoming new folks?

In order to enter one of our spaces, we need to have proof of vaccination on file! That means that people who want to check out the gym need to go to our website and register for a service – we’re not allowing walk-ins and giving tours. This is to protect the safety of our coaches and members during COVID times, and may shift as the pandemic shifts.

Do I have to register for a gym access spot/class or can I just show up?

You definitely need to register beforehand! This is necessary because our capacity needs to be closely monitored. We also ask that you take yourself off the roster for a service if you find that you can’t attend so that another spot is opened for someone else, and so we can keep track of who was in the space in case we need to activate our COVID exposure protocols. You can see our enrollment, cancellation, and no show policy on the website.

What if I don’t feel comfortable working out indoors yet?

No problem! We’re continuing our Zoom classes and virtual programming options, and will also have seasonal outdoor offerings! There’s always the chance that we’ll have another shutdown, in which case we’ll do what we did last time – rent out our equipment and move to 100% virtual! We’ll keep finding ways to stay connected, and you’ll still be a part of the community.