Training Space in West Seattle!

ISO: Coaches who want a great West Seattle space to train their clients!

A collage photo: on the left, Coach Becca leads a client through an exercise - both are wearing masks. On the right, 4 photos show different training equipment (dumbbells and kettlebells, balls, TRX, and a Pilates reformer and chair).

Strive & Uplift is a movement community run by an awesome coaching collective! We’re values-driven, experienced, and passionate about our members and clients. We also spend a good bit of time and energy working to dismantle toxic fitness culture and learning and growing as coaches and humans. 

We’re excited to welcome coaches into our physical locations who will respect and contribute to the vibe! We believe that all bodies are good bodies, and don’t allow fat-shaming, diet talk, or any racist/sexist/homophobic remarks from coaches or clients. Coaches need to have their own business license and insurance, and rent space for their own clients on certain days and times that work with our S&U schedule. The West Seattle location is currently available for IC rental in the early mornings, most evenings and weekends.

If this sounds good to you, please fill out the interest form and we’ll go from there!