Fall Schedule

Thanks so much to everyone who filled out our Fall Survey! Based on those responses, conversations with clients, monitoring class attendance and our commitment to raising coach pay for classes, we’re making some changes to our schedule starting on Friday, 10/7!

Image of weekly schedule starting October 7th. Our Pike13 schedule is screen reader compatible.

Consolidated Offerings

We’re consolidating some of our classes, especially in-person offerings in Ballard – this will hopefully lead to having a few more people in each class offerings and a stronger sense of community, and will allow us to compensate coaches appropriately for their time, energy and expertise!

Shorter Days

We’re also shortening our days as the season shifts, and moving some classes from 6am to 7am and from 7pm to 6pm.

We’ll have more hybrid classes as well (especially during mask optional times), so you can choose where and how you want to work out!

Mask Optional Times

Our member survey results showed that a good chunk of our community is interested in having the option to work out without a mask!

We’re going to implement some mask-optional times in Ballard & West Seattle in a limited way and keep the lines of communication very open, gathering data as we go into the fall/winter about transmission rates and monitoring our own in-gym cases very closely. There will be plenty of times to work out when everyone is masked, and some coaches (and participants!) will choose to continue wearing a mask during the optional times. Classes during the mask-optional times will be hybrid, so you can join from home and get a great workout if you don’t feel comfortable working out around unmasked folks!

We will, as always, run air filtration throughout and after these times and want to remind participants to maintain physical spacing. Please wear a mask during the optional times if you have had an increased risk of exposure such as airplane travel or spending time unmasked in a crowd (e.g. concerts, sporting events).

Mask-optional times, denoted on the weekly schedule with orange boxes: