Air Quality Policy for Outdoor Appointments

Wildfire smoke has become a part of the reality in the Pacific Northwest. It’s not good for long-term health to exercise outdoors when the air quality is poor, so we’ve instituted a policy to support coaches and clients in making decisions about when it’s safe to meet outdoors.

For 1:1 and Small Group Coaching appointments that regularly meet outdoors, you and your coach will have a conversation about contingency planning during smoke season. As a client, if you are particularly sensitive to poor air quality, please let your coach know and you can set a lower AQI threshold than what we’ve written here. With your coach, you will decide on when to check AQI leading up to the session, what your threshold for moving a session is, and how you’ll plan to meet if the air quality is too poor to exercise outside.

For outdoor classes or other events, participants can cancel due to air quality without penalty if the AQI is too high for your health factors. The coach will monitor the AQI and cancel or move class as needed.

We’ll use the IQ Air website to monitor air quality, using the station closest to the outdoor session location. This website is updated approximately 10 minutes after the hour.