Strive & Uplift and FROG Business Changes

The Ballard-based gym location is rebranding and refocusing as Friends of the Gym, and the ultimate programming is staying with me, Coach Bert, as Strive & Uplift here!

I’m so excited for the gym to take this next step and am sending all my love always to the Friends of the Gym! It’s such a lovely vision for a supportive space, and I’m grateful it gets to flourish.

If you first came to Strive & Uplift for the ultimate focus and are wondering if the programming and specialists are still around, I’m here for you! The virtual training programs for ultimate as well as Return to Performance will remain on the Strive & Uplift website, and I’m going to keep managing and updating it. I’ve got some exciting things planned for ways to freshen things up and make it easier to access programming wherever you work out. 

If you’re interested in 1:1 support from an ultimate training specialist, you can reach out to me through my personal coaching website. I currently work in-person in central Seattle and on video call anywhere.