Strive & Uplift Team

We are here to support the whole athlete

None of us exist in a bubble – we bring our experiences and unique personality to every part of our lives. At Strive & Uplift, we welcome everything that makes you the person who you are and are ready to support your health and fitness. We believe that education is empowering, and provide consistent coach support so you know you’re doing the right thing for your body.

We believe in striving to be physically fit

What that looks like for you is dependent on your goals! That’s why we offer a wide variety of options with support for athletes of all levels and aspirations through our online and in-person programs. We offer customization for our virtual members, as well. Whatever you’re hoping to achieve, we are here for you!

We believe in uplifting each other

When you come into our physical spaces, we hope you feel a positive connection with those around you. While working out, uplifting each other means giving someone a spot, sharing equipment and space, or giving encouraging words and high fives. When you’re playing games, it means respecting fellow competitors above all else.

It means speaking respectfully and being welcoming to people of all backgrounds. This also means supporting those with limited resources and lowering barriers to access to services.

Strive & Uplift Team