Advanced Programming Add-On

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Our advanced ultimate programming is a specialized add-on to our virtual memberships for club ultimate players. These workouts are designed for folks who have been lifting for at least two years consistently and need specialized training methods to get to the next level. Because of the nature of these plans and their stress on the body, you will need coach permission to participate.

We’ll offer comprehensive plans for your lifting and running workouts set up for lifting anywhere from two to four days a week and running two to three days a week outside of other sports activities. Our coaches give some personalized guidance on how to fit the plans into your life to help you reach your goals!

What’s Inside?

Programming Philosophy

The basis for our advanced programming is a series of triphasic training cycles.

Triphasic programming consists of training the different phases of athletic movements (eccentric, isometric, and concentric muscle actions) to reduce “energy leaks” and the risk of injury as you perform any dynamic movement on the field.

We then work on high-velocity, quality power movements – including the option to do some variations of Olympic lifts in the off-season portion of the program. The final phase is speed endurance for a high rate of force development close to intervals we actually play on the field!

Each week has varied volume and intensity for the lifting workouts, with the intensity set by your 5-RM for major lifts that you’ll find after an initial standard strength cycle in the off-season.

The running workouts are matched in general metabolic purpose to those lifting workouts across the week. (e.g. high-intensity lifting workouts are paired with working on shorter sprints). The workouts during the season follow the same general concept, structure, and personalization, but with movements that are more appropriate for in-season work and overall load!

You’ll be able to set your training calendar according to your personal needs and schedule. This means finishing the off-season cycles in time for tryouts in the spring and coordinating your in-season program with your tournament schedule to ensure you’re performing your best when it really matters.

Designed for Advanced Lifters

A major difference from our regular programming is that the lifting load is more intense throughout the year! This program is designed for people who have been lifting for a while and need a little extra challenge to get a training benefit.

The off-season has options for lifting 3 days a week or 4, depending on your schedule; there are consistently two running workouts a week across the year, with recommendations on how to fit the workouts into your other activities.

The other major difference is the customizability of the training schedule. We give you the tools and the over-arching plan, and you plan your phases according to your calendar. That way, you can peak for tryouts, work around major life events, and during the summer, make your lifting phases work with your tournament calendar.

Add-On Pricing

The advanced program costs an extra $5/month on top of a regular training for ultimate membership. This is because there is more coach engagement to make sure everything’s working for you, to help with scheduling questions/modifications, as well as give support in navigating the more complex workouts.

If the advanced program sounds like it might be right for you, fill out the application for the program and we’ll get back to you!