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Design Your Own Circuits!

We’re offering this clinic we made for our members to the general public because we think it will help give some ideas to spice up your workout routine! If you find it useful, please consider making a donation to AGE UP, one of our favorite organizations in the world! With […]

Strength & Stability for Ultimate Clinic

There’s a lot of off-field work you can do to improve your performance on the field, not all of which requires access to fancy gym equipment! You’ll learn tips and tricks you can use with players of all ages, and discover resources for online workouts and programming. This talk was […]

Home Workout Options

We’ve gotten a lot of questions from our community about how to set up a home gym so folx can keep strength training during times when gym access is unavailable or questionable at best – we want to provide some guidelines and ideas so you can start to visualize your […]

Gym-Free Workout

We know that there are lots of reasons normally why folx can’t make it to the gym – family commitments, travel, etc. As some workplaces close in response to COVID19 and individuals weigh their own risk profile and that of their loved ones, it might feel more complicated for you […]

Athlete Profile: Issy Burke

By Ren Caldwell Issy Burke is a pretty unforgettable human. I met her when the Eurostars first visited Seattle in 2017 and came to Strive & Uplift to participate in a recovery session before leading the first of the now-annual gender equity discussions. We were thrilled to host them in […]

Optimizing Ultimate Tournament Performance Across the Menstrual Cycle

Written by Coach Bert Abbott, Summary Graphic by Coach Kira Morin For people who menstruate, 1)This article is written for ultimate players across the gender spectrum who menstruate and/or have menstrual cycles as defined by cycling concentrations of estradiol, progesterone, and other hormones. it’s a common (and possibly dreaded) experience […]