Accessible Hatha Yoga

Accessible Hatha Yoga is a class designed to be accessible for everyone of all abilities including those recovering from chronic or acute injury as well as those working toward specific physical/fitness goals. Every pose will have multiple options for up-leveling as well as alternative poses that target the same muscles. This class is about doing what part of the pose/practice you can and not forcing one’s body to be somewhere it’s not. This is a Hatha-based practice that draws from the Forrest Yoga tradition of focusing on the 12 structural muscles to cultivate greater core strength and stability as well as a healthier spine. Specific and targeted abdominal work will be done in each and every class. Students will learn how to relax overworked muscles, like the neck and jaw, whilst maintaining effort and strength in only the muscles needed to hold the pose. Poses will be held longer than in a “flow” based class to give students time to explore the relationship of their breath to their body. 

Students are encouraged to arrive early enough to communicate specific physical needs to the instructor. This class is intended to increase mindfulness both mentally and physically so please silence your phones and leave your smart watches at home. 

Yoga is 50% mobility, 25% core, and 25% strength.

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