Gym Access

This isn’t so much a “class” and is instead time for you to come in and do your own thing using the gym equipment! Gym Access is only available at the Ballard location.

Sometimes Gym Access will be the only thing going on in the space, other times there will be coaching sessions happening at the same time. When you sign up for Gym Access, the expectation is that you’ll check in and follow COVID protocols including hand washing, mask wearing, and cleaning up after you’re done working out.

Gym access is offered 1-hour time slots. If your workout tends to last longer than 1 hour, you can sign up for two consecutive times to reverse space for as long as you need!

The Ballard space has two squat racks, loads of kettlebells, dumbbells, and resistance bands to get your workout in. We limit the seats in order to give enough room for everyone to work out, but this is not a guarantee you’ll have exclusive use of a squat rack or that one special kettlebell. We’re all about open communication and sharing, so talk with other members if you want to work in on a rack or want to use some equipment when the other person is done!

Please bring your own mat if you would like to use one.

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