Different coaches use varied equipment (kettlebells, barbells, bands, dumbbells, etc) to focus on building strength with an emphasis on form. If you’re joining class on Zoom, your coach will offer options for exercises according to the equipment you have. Check out our list of household alternative equipment for creative ideas to add resistance to Zoom workouts.

This class is supportive, not competitive, and coaches will encourage you to check in with your body often to adjust intensity. Movement options are offered to help every body move in a grounded and safe way.

Please bring a mat /towel to lay on and a water bottle to class!

All classes are for all levels, so you are welcome to join any of them just as you are! Members can use the resources below to help you feel more prepared, if that feels good to you. All of the preparatory resources are available to Class & Gym Access Members through the Member Content on our website.

Strength is 50% strength, 30% core, and 20% mobility.

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