Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow is an invigorating full-body movement class that incorporates standing postures, core work, and range of motion exercises — all while coordinating breath to movement. This class is designed to build strength, endurance, and physical and mental awareness. If you’re familiar with yoga terms, this class is similar to Power Vinyasa! Postures travel to the floor and back, and some postures guide you to a single leg stance or to having weight on your hands or wrists – other options are always provided.

Please bring a mat/towel to lay on and a water bottle to class (whether you’re attending via Zoom or in person)!

All classes are for all levels, so you are welcome to join any of them just as you are! Members can use the resources below to help you feel more prepared, if that feels good to you. All of the preparatory resources are available to Class & Gym Access Members through the Member Content on our website.

Yoga is 50% mobility, 25% core, and 25% strength.

Available at these Locations