NASM CPT, FRCms, Kettlebell Sport Coach

As a coach, I love helping athletes have ownership of their movement as well as developing their mental game—whether it is for lifting, racing, playing sports or just using their strength outside the gym (like being able to put luggage into the overhead compartment with asking for help!). Body awareness and mental tenacity are essential tools that I focus on as a coach every day. I geek out when it comes to building out a training session in its entirety—from warm up methods to sport specific conditioning to fine tuning technique—while helping individuals look at training as part of the bigger picture by finding ways to eat, sleep, de-stress and move better in order to thrive and improve performance.

My passion for sports and fitness originated from starting a dodgeball league lovingly named the Aberdeen Street Dodgeball Ninjas shortly after graduating college. I then found out what it truly meant to be an athlete when I played roller derby for 4 years with the Windy City Rollers. After moving to Seattle, I stumbled upon Kettlebell Sport and became a competitive weightlifter as well as finding an attraction to rock climbing. Non-conventional sports and I seem to make a good fit, which is why Strive & Uplift is the best community to be a part of because everyone shines at their different skills, yet shares the love under one roof nonetheless.

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