I’m Ollivander or Ollie (they/them), I am a functional fitness and movement coach. 

I am white, transgender, non-binary, neurodivergent, queer, thin, and able bodied. I have 4+ years of experience coaching functional fitness, movement practice, and strength training. 

I am passionate about helping folks connect to the strength that they already have. I like to approach strength as a product of trust. Learning to find trust in our bodies – and the strength that they hold – is where I do my best work. I am interested in helping others find a connection with their bodies through intentional movement.

My experience is working with beginners, returning to movement, recovery and injury, anxiety and depression. All bodies are good bodies, and the beauty of vast difference that exists in our bodies deserves a space to be. 

Working to recognize and unlearn the oppression that exists in our society and the fitness industry is a continued part of my movement practice. I am regularly engaged in continuing education in groups and one on one. 

My intention as a coach is to support you in the ways that you need. I’m not a fixer, and I do not promote or coach dieting or other aesthetic based goals.

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