Fundamentals Course

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Course Overview

Course Overview: start, check-in, lessons 1-3, check-in, lessons 4-6, check-in and next steps



Start here! The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) will help you coaches set you up for success!

Goal Setting

This lesson’s “quiz” will ask you to set your intention for this course, as well as provide upcoming times you can meet with a coach.

Checkpoint A

While you wait for your appointment, use this 2-page explainer on setting up your physical and mental space to prepare for the lessons.

Lesson One

This lesson is all about core. You’ll do mind-body work with a focus on breathing to build a foundation for the rest of your movements.

Lesson Two

In this lesson, you’ll learn about squats and pushups, as well as review and build on the core work from lesson one. These are movements that are incorporated into your daily life. Understanding how the mechanics work will strengthen your relationship with how you use them every day, and bring awareness on how to incorporate core activation to help this movement become stronger.

Lesson Three

In this lesson, you’ll learn about hinge and pull movements, as well as review and build on the core work from previous lessons. The posterior chain contains some of the largest muscles in your body. Finding connection to these movements will not only unlock power in how you move but also support how well you can hold your body throughout the day, especially when needing to move something heavy!

Checkpoint B

Congrats! You’ve made it to the halfway point in this course!

Lesson Four

This lesson will build upon the skills you learned in Lesson 1 and practiced in Lessons 2 & 3. We will add more complexity and movement to challenge your core stability.

Lesson Five

In this lesson, you’ll learn about single leg balance movements, as well as review and build on the core work from previous lessons. The best way to build on body awareness is to understand how the vestibular system (your ability to control your balance) works alongside building a stronger relationship to proprioception (your “sixth sense” ability to understand where your body is in space). Practicing movement with these two elements help improve the way you move in relation to the ground you walk on, like uneven surfaces, or even just help you avoid running into the edge of the coffee table every day.

Lesson Six

In this lesson, you’ll work on full body complex movements, as well as review and build on the core work from previous lessons. It is more natural to move in multiple planes of movement throughout our daily lives rather than just forward and backwards. Complexes not only challenge how we move while doing two things at once, but also give us a better understanding of how to incorporate activation, control and balance at the same time.

Next Steps

Check out the additional resources on breathing, soft tissue work, a bonus class, and get ready to continue your fitness journey!