Back to Basics Week

July 17-23

Our classes are going Back to Basics the week of the 17th!

We’ll be focusing on fundamental movement patterns and the breathing, core connection and energy systems that support them.

If you’re an experienced mover, this week will be a time to check in and refocus – many of our members come out of this week with fresh excitement to address coordination or mobility aspects of their exercise routines that they’ve been working around.

This is also a fantastic week to return to mindful movement after a time away, or to start moving intentionally for the first time. Hop in using our Trial Week if you’re new to us; members can bring friends along with our new Buddy Pass!

We have a full slate of classes to explore, with different coaches bringing their own perspective and spin to the “back to basics” programming. We hope to see you in one of our in-person or virtual offerings!