Fundamentals Course

The Fundamentals Course takes you through a skills progression designed to build a strong foundation for movement in the gym, in sports, and in your daily life!

The seven Strive & Uplift coaches pose wearing masks in front of a mural reading "You are Strong"

This course is great for…

People looking to learn fundamental movement patterns and foundational bodyweight exercises, while learning how to build body awareness. This course is designed with coach feedback, interaction, and support

In this course, you will…

  • Learn and practice foundational movements that help build body awareness and motor control that translate into every day movements and tasks.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of what the core is as a whole and connect its importance to general health beyond movement.
  • Be supported by a team of coaches as you learn and move through individual check-ins before, during, and after the course.

Why this course?

  • To take ownership of the tools needed to move well and move confidently, with the ability to choose how you approach each movement we teach at a pace that feels best for you.
  • To understand how foundational movements work in order to lay the groundwork for moving well and to have the ability to build a stronger base for yourself beyond the course

Course Structure

This is a self guided course, with lessons that take you through a progression of skills, plus coach check-ins along the way to support, guide and hold you accountable. 

The course consists of lessons that are a progression of skills. Each lesson is 60-90 minutes long and includes resources to help further practice the movements from the lesson. After each lesson, you will take a moment to reflect on what you learned before starting the next one. There are coach check-ins built into the course to help make sure you are making progress towards your goals, answer questions about form, offer modifications according to your body’s needs, and anything else you need from us! 

Course Overview

Visual of course structure, which is also detailed below.
  • Start
    • Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) – a basic health screen questionnaire that will help you and your coach talk through potential modifications and adjustments to the program
    • Goal Setting – help you set your intention for this course and enable your coaches to help you get there
  • Lessons 1-6 
    • There are two core-focused lessons, as well as strength lessons where you’ll learn the foundational movement patterns of squat, push, hinge, pull, single side balance, and full body / compound movements
    • Each lesson is made of smaller segments so that you can come back and practice specific parts
    • The strength-focused lessons (2, 3, 5, and 6) have a circuit playlist you can use to work on the movements in a structured follow-along workout
    • At the end of each lesson you will complete a reflection to help you align what you are doing with your goal setting and record things you want to discuss at the next coach check-in
  • Coach Check-ins 
    • There are 3 coach check-ins throughout this course:
      • The first check-in before getting started in the lessons, you’ll discuss your goal setting and go over the flow and technology of the self-guided course.
      • Your second check-in halfway through the course, you and your coach will review any questions you have and ensure you have the right modifications and individual cues to perform movements successfully.
      • Your final check-in at the end of the course will help launch you into your next steps in your fitness journey!
  • Next Steps
    • You’ll receive a few more resources to continue learning and growing when you complete this course.
    • During your final coach check-in, you can discuss where you’ll take your fitness journey next!
      • Liked following along with the videos and circuit playlists? Maybe a class membership will be right for you!
      • Were the practice slides and independent practice more your thing? Following programming on your own might be best!
      • Did you feel best in the coach check-ins, where your individual needs were seen? You could try out 1:1 Coaching!

Lesson Overview

This course is made up of 6 lessons. Each lesson takes 60-90 minutes and a typical lesson includes the following movement segments:

  • body awareness warm up (10 min)
  • core exercises (5-10 min)
  • mobility work (5 min each)
  • foundational movements/skills (5-10 min each)
  • practice time (10+min)
  • mini circuit (15+min)
  • cooldown (5 min)
  • reflection questions (5-10 min)

Each lesson is a building block to help motor control and function become intuitive so that you can find endurance, flexibility, and strength. 

Complete the whole lesson, then practice the different foundational movements by re-watching video segments, reviewing with the practice slides, or using the circuit playlist until you feel ready to move to the next lesson. As you complete each lesson they will still be available to you so you can go back and work on those skills!


Each video begins with a preview slide that shows what equipment you’ll need for that segment. You’ll just want a mat to provide cushion for the floor and make sure you have good traction, and some movements use a chair. Any household chair will do!

Communication & Support

There are built in check-ins with a coach along the way! These coach check-ins will help make sure you are making progress towards your goals, answer questions about form or modifications, and anything else you need us for. We’ll use your goal setting and reflection questions leading up to each check-in as well as availability to schedule an appointment with the coach best suited to your needs.

Meet your coaches!

  • Coach Liz “As a coach, I help athletes start where they are and build upon that foundation to strive—whether it is for lifting, racing, playing sports or just using their strength outside the gym (like being able to put luggage into the overhead compartment without asking for help!).”
  • Coach Becca “I’m passionate about helping those who don’t feel comfortable with movement and want to learn how to improve their bodies so they can live their best lives.”
  • Coach Kira “As a core coach, I am focused on making sure athletes have a strong and stable foundation so they can train harder, safer and improve their performance.”

Program Access

We believe in making high-quality movement coaching available to everyone, so this course is available on a sliding scale. Once you purchase access to this course, you’ll have 3 months to complete it. We know it sometimes takes a little motivation to keep moving! We also know that life sometimes gets in the way of our best-laid plans, so please reach out if you need more time.

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