We use Zoom to run classes and coaching sessions online!

For classes, you’ll receive an email with a link to join the class when you sign up. For coaching sessions, your coach will send you the meeting link for your sessions. Make sure you have the Zoom app downloaded to your phone and/or computer. You can do this when you receive the link; it should only take a few minutes!

Your microphone and camera are set to automatically be on when you enter (people will hear and see you) – you can control your audio and video once in the class. For the best quality call, we recommend you follow Zoom’s current specifications for system requirements. For ideas on how to set up your workout space, check out this post on home workout options!

Some classes are offered as hybrid options, where both in-person and Zoom participants meet together! During these classes, your coach will wear a mask and there will be other background noises, so if it’s important to have clear audio and/or see your instructor’s whole face, you may want to stick to Zoom-only classes.

Image showing the weekly schedule of classes. Use the schedule below to access the daily schedule and read each day's options.

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