Gift Certificate

Give the gift of movement! Valid for virtual and in-person services through Strive & Uplift.

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These gift certificates are valid for any Strive & Uplift offering, including:

  • Membership, Punchcard, or Drop-In access to our live virtual classes and member content through the Seattle community (available anywhere!)
  • Personalized Coaching through 1:1 or 1:2 Training and Movement Evals through the Seattle gym (available anywhere!)
  • Virtual Memberships and Programs:
    • Ultimate Memberships
    • Full Life Fitness Membership
    • Youth Movement Snacks
    • Return to Performance
    • Core Challenge

These do not expire, and the recipient can split the value across multiple Strive & Uplift services however they want!

If you want to present your gift physically or at a specific time, put your own email address as “Recipient Email”, but keep the “Recipient Name” line as the person’s name who you want to get it!

Questions? Email us at!