We offer a wide variety of services so everyone can find the joy of movement!

We offer many different types of services to help you find movement, connection, and confidence. All our services have flexible pricing. We’re excited to support your movement practice, and hope you find something here that fits your needs! If you need help deciding, please fill out our General Interest Form and a coach will get in touch to help out!

We offer:

Access to our services is managed through two separate systems. To access programming and member content, you can log in to this website. To manage sessions, classes, and gym access sessions (and payment for these services), you'll log into Pike 13. If you’re confused, a handy way to figure out which system you’ll use is asking, “Am I meeting with a coach from Strive & Uplift?” With very few exceptions, that means you’ll go through Pike13!

Classes & Gym Access

Join us at our locations around Seattle or on Zoom for group fitness classes or in Ballard for independent gym access time! We have a variety of class types so everyone can feel the joy of movement. We lift with barbells, kettlebells, and more, and we do bodyweight-based movement practices including Pilates and yoga.

All of our class times are listed in Pacific time, but you’re welcome to join from another time zone! We use Pike13 to manage registration and payment for classes and gym access. Membership ranges from $115-175/month and single visits are $30.

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Coaching Sessions

We meet for coaching sessions at all our locations around Seattle, as well as on Zoom. Coaching sessions are managed through Pike13; your coach will tell you how to make an account if you need one and will schedule all your sessions. You’ll just need to sign waivers and pay for your sessions through Pike13.

Programming & Courses

All of these services are accessed through this website. All this content is virtual and mainly asynchronous, so you can join our community from anywhere in the world!