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Strive & Uplift classes are small-group training sessions based on getting stronger, more injury-resistant, as well as upping sport performance for athletes. The atmosphere is fun and focused, and there is a lot of talk about how the movements we do help accomplish your goals.

Zoom classes have a 15-person maximum for Zoom only and an 8-person maximum for hybrid classes to make sure coaches can give everyone focused attention and feedback. In-person classes have more limited capacity (currently 6) in accordance with our COVID protocols.

Coaches focus on providing individualized attention, including options you need to get the most out of your training. We also focus on cultivating a tight-knit community with genuine connections with your fellow classmates!

Strength, Pilates, and Yoga classes complement each other; all of them include strength, core, and mobility work in varying amounts.

Gym Access

Gym access is offered through the same booking system and membership as our classes. These are times when you can come in and work out independently!

Spots are limited to make sure everyone can get the equipment they need for their workout. Our current maximum capacity is 4 gym access spots per session, and 2 spots when other sessions like classes and individualized coaching occur at the same time. You can see how many spots remain for each session on our daily schedule.

Try it Out!

Check our schedule for current offerings, and see class descriptions and information on how to participate below.

We have a FREE trial week for classes & gym access, so find something you’re interested in and check us out!

Seven Strive & Uplift coaches pose in front of a mural that reads "You are Strong"
“I have really been enjoying the online classes with Strive & Uplift!  There is the same community vibe as when we meet in person. This really helps with the current state of things, to feel connected.  I thought the weight training classes would be easier – but nope! Still the same great workout! And the core and mobility classes at lunchtime are a great way to move midday and keep you going for the rest of the day!” – Stephanie B.

Pricing Options

Trial Week

The trial week is a great way to try out classes (live & recorded), meet all our coaches, and participate in our community!

Single Visit & Membership Rates

Single Visit   Monthly Membership    Set Your Rate

Single Visit

$30 + tax

Join classes or gym access one visit at a time. Remember that your first week with us is FREE, whether to work out on your own using member content or in one of our group classes! Check out our schedule for current offerings and to sign up.

Monthly Membership

We have one membership, offered with flexible pricing so you can set the right monthly rate according to your use of services and available resources. For more details, check out our terms and conditions.

If you are interested in an annual membership (great for peeps whose employers reimburse annual gym memberships!), you can get an Unlimited Class & Gym Access Membership for a whole year. Annual memberships do not auto-renew, and no full or partial refunds are available during the year of membership. Email us for more details.

Work out under the guidance of our coaches in group classes and access member content. See our weekly schedule for hours & class times!

Set Your Rate

You can use the chart below (developed from Both / & and Embracing Equity‘s Sliding Scales) to help decide what the right price is for you. Everyone’s financial situation is informed by the interactions between income, wealth, debt, and varying costs of basic living expenses. Consider where you fall in each of the categories presented to determine your overall financial position.

This chart is offered solely as a guide to help you decide the rate that’s best for you. It’s impossible to capture everything, which means you may have specific circumstances that aren’t reflected here. Please contact us if you cannot afford the “Assisted” rate and we will set a price together.

The drop in and membership prices listed below are before sales tax is added, which is currently 10.25%. If you cannot afford the “Assisted” rate, please fill out this form to set your own rate and we will set a price together.

AssistedValue of ServiceAbundance
Income– Unemployment or underemployment compared to cost of living
– Employed marginally or in a criminalized sector (not by choice)
Stably employed at around the median income, with ability to cover unpredicted expensesStably employed above the median income, consistently have disposable income
Family of Origin Assets / Wealth– Family has no/few assets or debt is more than assets
– No access to family
– Family relies on me for help with basic living expenses
Family has assets, like a house they are paying off– Family has many assets, like investments or paid-off house
– I have or will inherit a wealth (eg house or money)
– Someone else paid/pays my housing or down payment
Debt:Income RatioMy debt is from basic living expenses and/or is more than my yearly incomeMy debt, including student loans or car loans, is about the same amount as my yearly incomeNo debt or less debt than yearly income
Membership Rate (Click to Purchase)$115/month$145/month$175/month


Here’s an overview of our class schedule:

Check out the schedule below for our daily offerings. Click “Enroll” to sign up from your desktop. From a mobile device, use the Pike13 client app to register. Your first time is FREE, so come work out with us (even virtually)!

All times listed are Pacific.


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