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Image showing the weekly schedule of classes. Go to the schedule page to access the daily schedule and read each day's options.

Strive & Uplift virtual classes are small-group training sessions based on getting stronger, more injury-resistant, as well as upping sport performance for athletes – all done virtually using Zoom! The atmosphere is fun and focused, and there is a lot of talk about how the movements we do help accomplish your goals.

Coaches focus on providing individualized attention, including any modifications you need to get the most out of your training. We also focus on cultivating a tight-knit community with genuine connections with your fellow classmates!

All our virtual classes can be done without the use of specialized equipment, including the Strength from Home classes.

Check our schedule below for current class offerings, and see class descriptions and information on how to participate below. We’re adapting to these strange times, so let us know if there’s something you’d like to see!

Your first time “at” our gym – including virtually – is FREE, so find a class you’re interested in and check us out!

Image of Coach Kira working with a client doing mat Pilates. Both are smiling and laughing as Kira directs the client through the movement.
“I’m really grateful to Ren and the S+U coaches for getting a regular schedule of online classes going. They’ve helped me combat a serious lack of motivation. Having a set time to and a fun group of people to work out with was what I needed to get going again. While I really miss the gym and seeing and working out with friends this is a nice substitute. Plus it’s fun to get a peek at everyone’s makeshift home gyms. Technically everything has worked well with Zoom and the lack of equipment doesn’t get in the way of a good workout.” – Ben G.

How to Attend

Accessing Classes

You can access most of our classes using a punch card, monthly membership, or drop in to try it out! Any gym member (folx with a punch card, monthly membership, or who participate in personal training sessions) can attend the members-only Midday Movement classes without using a punch.

Other perks include access to our Member Content area, with a library of recorded classes and special clinics and workout plans from your coaches!

For a limited time, we’re offering a 5-punch card so you can try out a few of our virtual classes and see if they work for you! The options below are the different ways you can access to regular access classes; for all our membership options, see our rates.

Drop-In (Single Class)

$20 per class + tax

Gym & Class 5-Punch Card

$90 each + tax

Gym & Class 10-Punch Card

$180 each + tax

Unlimited Gym & Class Membership

$115 per month recurring + tax

Signing Up

Enroll before class starts (preferably more than 4 hours in advance):

Review & save your enrollment confirmation email:

Start Class:

Image of Coach Kira instructing a Mat Pilates class. Six clients are on their backs on thick blue mats while Kira encourages them through the Hamstring Pull exercise.
“I have really been enjoying the online classes with Strive & Uplift!  There is the same community vibe as when we meet in person. This really helps with the current state of things, to feel connected.  I thought the weight training classes would be easier – but nope! Still the same great workout! And the core and mobility classes at lunchtime are a great way to move midday and keep you going for the rest of the day!” – Stephanie B.


Check out the schedule below for our daily offerings. Click “Enroll” to sign up from your desktop. From a mobile device, use the Pike13 client app to register. Your first time is FREE, so come work out with us (even virtually)!

All times listed are Pacific.

Regular Access Classes

These classes require a membership plan or punchcard, or you can pay to drop-in. See how to attend above for information on rates.

Bodyweight Flow

No need for equipment, just a little bit of space to move your body! This class will focus on bodyweight movement and creative ways to link them together in order to work on control, balance and mind/body connection.


Halftime Hack

This is a short circuit-based class designed to get your blood moving! It’s an efficient way to get an in-and-out workout!


HIIP – High Intensity Interval Pilates

This Pilates class uses the high-intensity interval training technique in which you give all-out one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. This class is a whole-body workout! If you enjoy Move & Groove & BodyWeight Flow, then take this!

Equipment Needed:

Mat Pilates

This class focuses on lengthening and strengthening. You’ll work the entire body, including small and large muscle groups, with a focus on proper form and alignment building strength in the entire body.

Equipment Needed:

Restorative Pilates

This class is rooted in Pilates fundamentals. We will work to restore alignment, flexibility, strength, balance, and stability on the mat at a pace that meets your ability/needs. Through mindful movement, we will work to restore the neuromuscular connection that we often lose through our busy days.


Strength from Home

This class is designed to use very little equipment and space to make the most of what you have at home. We’ll focus on full-body strength circuits, as well as incorporating some mobility for quality movement patterns to set you up for success.

Check the class name on the schedule for equipment specifics! You may need:

Training for Ultimate

We will return to the field, and when we do, you’ll be ready! We’ll focus on strength/power/agility movements in this class, using a blend of our virtual Gym-Free programming and adapted gym-based exercises!

Equipment needed:

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow is an invigorating full-body movement class that incorporates standing postures, core work, and range of motion exercises — all while coordinating breath to movement. This class is designed to build strength, endurance, and physical and mental awareness. If you’re familiar with yoga terms, this class is similar to Power Vinyasa!


Members-Only Class

We consider everyone who has a punch card, a monthly membership, or participates in personal training to be a “member”! Midday Movement classes are open to those with a membership plan or punch card and are considered “free” and will not deduct a visit from your plan or punch card! Come move with us!

Midday Movement

Need a break? This 30 minute low-intensity class is meant to help you center yourself in your body through breath work, mobility, core activation or progressions and simple movement flows. All levels welcome.

Equipment needed:

Image of Ren standing in the gym wearing a black tank top, smirking at the camera while holding forward cups in each hand that say "Crushin' It" and "Squad Goals". Ren has a fresh pink dye on her bunned up hair.
“The virtual classes have been so great and helpful! I’m serious about getting strong but it’s been impossible to find the motivation to work out solo at home. The classes make me feel good, they’re super easy to modulate to different fitness levels and they’re just fun. S&U is pretty much the only gym I’ve been to where I have a good time during the class and feel strong/ accomplished afterward. I’ve been recommending the virtual classes to tons of people. Thanks for staying open during stressful times and making it work!” -Nikita M.