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Strive & Uplift courses are designed to take you through a progression of skills and exercises to help you reach your specific goals! For more information on our policies, see our terms and conditions.

Current Offerings

Olympic Lifting Technique
Mondays 6-6:50p, Nov 26-Dec 17
$80 / 4 weeks

This course is great for those interested in learning more about Olympic lifting as well as those that have been doing Olympic lifts but want a refresher on form! It’s also great preparation if you’re interested in participating in our 8-week Olympic Lifting Program in January (details below).

We will perform movement evaluations/benchmark testing and focus on technique for progressions of the snatch and clean and jerk.

Olympic Lifting Program
Wednesdays 7-7:50p, Jan 9-Feb 27
$200 / 8 weeks

This course aims to help you progress in weight and range of motion for clean, jerk and snatch. You’ll receive in-depth coaching in technique and form during the weekly sessions, as well as programming for other days during the week to help you towards your goals!