Gym Access Schedule Updates

Your coaches are hard at work refining enrollment systems, jamming on space capacity, and moving things around/out of the Ballard gym space – the goal is to improve your movement experience!

As a part of these shifts, we’re taking some Gym Access times off the schedule that haven’t been getting utilized, and also eliminating access during our T/Th evening strength classes. This will allow us to provide more consistent service quality to our members, and help manage the flow of traffic in and out of the Ballard space!

We encourage you to use the wait list if you’d like to work out during a time that says it’s full – the coach will add you if there’s space!

These schedule changes go into effect January 30th. Thanks as always for bearing with us as we continue to shift and pivot to meet the needs of our coaches and members!

Image showing schedule updates taking effect January 30th. All changes are reflected in our Pike13 schedule, which can be read with a screen reader.