Mask Policy Update

Prompted by the changes in mask policy coming April 1st in healthcare facilities, and after polling and conversations with our membership, we’ve decided to change to a mask optional policy in our facilities, effective April 1st.

Accessibility remains important to us, and with this shift we want to do our best to offer options for people in different health circumstances. We’ll continue to offer classes on Zoom along with the massive library of recorded classes in the Member Content area. 1:1 and Small Group Coaching clients can ask your coach to wear a mask during sessions, and we encourage people who need to mitigate their exposure risk to book during off-peak times.

You are always welcome to wear a mask if you prefer. We’ll continue running our air filtration systems and opening doors or windows to increase airflow.

With this change, we anticipate we may have exposures in the gym. If you attended services in-person, with or without a mask, and find out you’d been exposed to COVID, please inform your coach or email us, and we’ll contact anyone who might have been exposed.

You can consult our full COVID policy for more details.