Connector, Strength & Conditioning Coach


I’ve been fortunate enough to work with so many incredible humans over the past 20 years. I started out as a personal trainer when the industry was young – I was excited to blend my excitement about movement with my love of people and teaching! I became passionate about sport-specific training for the ultimate community in 2012, and deeply appreciated the chance to dive deep into sport-specific movement patterns to reduce injury and improve performance. I’ve kept growing and learning as a coach and a person, bringing my own passion for movement (especially aerial, martial arts and dance) into the work I do in the gym.

Starting Strive & Uplift with my friends Kira and Bert was a career-long dream. We wanted to create a space where people in all bodies could connect, grow, work hard, and feel supported. While I still coach a class or two and work with some clients (mostly folks who are trying to bridge the gap between PT and return to functional/athletic life), I’ve turned my focus to helping facilitate the growth of the S&U community, both its coaches and its members. I believe there’s no “right” way to move, and that everyone deserves to feel at home in their bodies and community spaces. We have to challenge fitness industry norms and continue to listen to and learn from marginalized voices to help facilitate that change!

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