Connector, Strength & Conditioning Coach


I’ve been fortunate enough to work with so many incredible humans over the past 20+ years. I started out as a personal trainer when the industry was young – I was excited to blend my excitement about movement with my love of people and teaching! I became passionate about sport-specific training for the ultimate community in 2012, and deeply appreciated the chance to dive deep into sport-specific movement patterns to reduce injury and improve performance. I’ve kept growing and learning as a coach and a person, bringing my own passion for movement (especially aerial, martial arts and dance) into the work I do in the gym.

Starting Strive & Uplift with my friends Kira and Bert was a career-long dream. We wanted to create a space where people in all bodies could connect, grow, work hard, and feel supported. While I still work with some clients (mostly folks who are trying to bridge the gap between PT and return to functional/athletic life), I’ve turned my focus to helping facilitate the growth of the S&U community, both its coaches and its members. I believe there’s no “right” way to move, and that everyone deserves to feel at home in their bodies and community spaces. I appreciate having the chance to help build a strong, compassionate and diverse coaching team to make the magic happen!

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