Return to Performance

For the Postpartum Athlete

Do you want to start working out after having a baby, but aren’t sure where to start? 

Have you been working out postpartum but aren’t making the progress you expected or desired?

Are you getting scar discomfort, muscle tweaks or nagging injuries with activities after giving birth? 

Are you ready to train for a more competitive or higher level of activity? 

Check out the Return to Performance Program in the video below!

This program is for anyone who is postpartum and ready to build themselves into a badass athlete. It is intended for those who are relatively healthy and not in active injury treatment. These techniques and exercises can be started as soon as you can comfortably move around after delivery. It is also great for anyone who has had a baby, no matter how long ago!    

The Return to Performance program is more complete from start to finish than other programs out there. It offers much more research-based education and additional self-treatments that can help you build your foundation for stronger performance. In addition to workouts, you will get guidance on scar assessment and massage, improving posture, and training efficient movement mechanics. 

We designed this program to fit into dynamic lives. The first 5 levels can be done with minimal equipment and all the circuits can be modified for shorter or longer time frames, with the 6th level needing gym or lifting equipment access. It is not based on a set recovery timeline, but rather is benchmark/goal-based because we know that everyone comes in from their own place, with different experiences and histories, and lives are always evolving at an individual’s own pace! The Return to Performance program is based on research, clinical and professional experience from physical therapists and strength/conditioning specialists as well as personal experience from athletes who are also moms.

What’s included? 

This program is packed with information from start to finish, including custom drawings for education and resources you can refer to for more detailed information. You get:

“The team at Strive & Uplift and Real Rehab have come up with something that, in my experience, is the most complete, evidence-based return to performance program that is readily available to athletes wanting to achieve their best after pregnancy, birth and beyond! I love what Ren and her team are doing for womxn.”
– Lisi Moore Ultimate Athlete/Coach, Sprinter, Physiotherapist, founder of AO Allstars program, mother of 3


The levels were designed to deliberately progress you through the fundamentals and increasingly complex building blocks to functional patterns common in a variety of sports. There are specific benchmarks for each level to help you evaluate whether or not you’re ready to progress to the next.

This programming was developed by a team of experts!

Learn more about Deb Scheibe, Ren Caldwell, and Catherine Nutting to understand their passion for postpartum health and their reasons for developing Return to Performance.

This program is designed by experts in post-partum therapy and sports performance.
“RTP is a program I wish I’d had access to after my second child. I felt so lost in how my body had changed and not sure how to get to my goals on the field or for an active life. I trust the team who created it and love the structure and format of the program.”
-AJ Beard, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist


We use a flexible pricing model to allow people to pay a range of prices according to their overall financial position. Our flexible pricing system was inspired by countless Black, Indigenous, and People of Color-led organizations working to undo systemic economic inequity. The chart below is based on the sliding scale programs of Both / & and Embracing Equity.

All told, the Return to Performance program provides you with at least 6-8 months of workouts and as well as the equivalent of 2-3 sessions of physical therapy postpartum education!

For the rate you select, you get unlimited access to these resources and access to support from our coaches as you take your return to performance journey.

This is an incredible package when you think of the cost of personal training or other online workout programming over that time period!

We want this content to be accessible – if none of these price options work for you, please email us for scholarship information!

AssistedValue of ServiceAbundance
Income– Unemployment or underemployment compared to cost of living
– Employed marginally or in a criminalized sector (not by choice)
Stably employed at around the median income, with ability to cover unpredicted expensesStably employed above the median income, consistently have disposable income
Family of Origin Assets / Wealth– Family has no/few assets or debt is more than assets
– No access to family
– Family relies on me for help with basic living expenses
Family has assets, like a house they are paying off– Family has many assets, like investments or paid-off house
– I have or will inherit a wealth (eg house or money)
– Someone else paid/pays my housing or down payment
Debt:Income RatioMy debt is from basic living expenses and/or is more than my yearly incomeMy debt, including student loans or car loans, is about the same amount as my yearly incomeNo debt or less debt than yearly income
Recommended Program Price$295$345$395
“This program provides a firm foundation for active motherhood, by acknowledging the differences in a postpartum body and providing instruction to prevent those changes from being a limitation.”
– Lize Williams, Founder, Motherhood Massage

What equipment and space do you need? 

Levels 1-5 require minimal equipment and can be done almost anywhere. You will need some gym access and/or more equipment for Level 6 in order to best prepare you for sport-specific activity. You’ll need the following equipment for Levels 1-5:

Do you need to see a specialist first? 

While this program is designed by rehab professionals, it is not meant to be medical advice or to take the place of personalized health care. You may need some additional guidance from a physician and/or pelvic health Physical Therapist before you start if you are having any of the following symptoms:

Please check if you have a significant Diastasis Rectus with the Curl-Up Test shown below. If your diastasis is more than 3 fingers wide or 2 knuckles deep, please consult a pelvic health physical therapist for more in-depth guidance prior to starting this program. If you are currently undergoing treatment, please consult with your provider before starting this program. 

Ready to start? Let’s do this!

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