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Basic Level Virtual Strength & Conditioning Coaching for Club Ultimate Teams


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Join us for the ultimate in online strength & conditioning programs, designed specifically for club ultimate teams who are focused on performing well in their competitive season together!

Invest in your strength & conditioning as a whole squad and get access for your team members at a discounted group rate of 20% off our normal prices! Discounts apply when you sign up for longer-term memberships (one month free on a six-month membership, three months free on a yearly membership), so commit to your training and give your wallets an extra break. Minimum of 15 players to qualify for team memberships.

Basic memberships (currently selected) are $8/mo per person and down, and include workout programming phased for the college ultimate player, lifting and running technique instruction, functional core workouts, and a rotating monthly clinic.

Standard memberships are $12/mo per person and down, and include all the features of basic memberships, plus a full clinic library including soft tissue care, K-tape use, nutrition, mental health, and more!

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