College Ultimate Memberships

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Our Virtual Ultimate Strength & Conditioning Memberships for College Players offer workout programming and other resources to support you as a whole athlete.

Our programming takes into account the changing seasonal demands of training for ultimate. We integrate a variety of methods into our training plans to improve your performance and stay injury resistant. Invest in yourself and take the guesswork out of your training!

Why Choose Strive & Uplift?

When selecting your training plan, ultimate players have many choices. We think having options is a good thing! It means our community and our sport is growing. Strength & Conditioning professionals in ultimate are all striving to make our sport better, and together we are creating a strong foundation to uplift those around us. You then get to choose the team & plan that fits you and represents your values!

We are proud to provide professional strength & conditioning coaching to ultimate athletes of all competition levels and aspirations.

When you work with Strive & Uplift you are choosing a team that:

What’s Inside?

Check out this video to get a look at our memberships and get to know how our team will support you. Every membership has a free 3-day trial and no initiation fees, so if you want to see more, sign up with no obligation!

Our Training Philosophy

We focus on fundamental and functional movement patterns.  






College Specific

This membership was specifically designed to meet the needs of college ultimate players!

Customized to fit the USAU college calendar

The college season runs on its own calendar, which means training happens on a different timeline for you than it does for club players. This program is set up to get you prepared for peak performance in the college series.

Complete programming throughout the calendar

College teams vary widely in how much they meet to practice, especially since breaks fall during times that interrupt the training calendar. This program gives you all the tools you need to be physically prepared to perform! The strength & stability training moves alongside the progressive running programming to get you where you need to go, and the complementary soft tissue and mobility resources care for you in between. There are recommendations on how to shift your training plan according to how many team practices, scrimmages, and pods you have (or don’t!) so you can feel confident going into tournament season.

Options for when you can’t get to the gym

You might not always have access to gym equipment! This membership includes gym-free programming that moves through the same rhythm of training as the lifting programming. It works great as strength and stability training on its own or can substitute in for when you’re home for break and can’t get to the gym!

Membership Options

Individual Membership
Flexible Pricing ($20/mo suggested, $10/mo minimum)

This membership is designed for college ultimate players. In order to provide the most flexibility, we’re using a name-your-price model for individual and team memberships. The membership includes a wide array of content:

Individual memberships are linked to the account that purchases them. If you want to get a membership for someone else, you’ll need to purchase the membership from their account. We do offer gift certificates if you want to give a set amount. For larger group memberships, check out the team membership option below! Contact us if you have any questions.

Team Membership
~20% Off Individual Rates

Invest in your strength & conditioning as a whole squad (minimum 15 players) and get access at a discounted group rate! When you sign up for team membership, your squad will get a private channel in our Strive & Uplift Community Slack to communicate about workouts and get feedback from our coaches.

We also offer virtual workout and workshop sessions for teams either in conjunction with team membership or on their own! Email us for more information. Discounts apply if you bundle services and sessions!

Your team can get college ultimate memberships at flexible rates ($15/mo per person suggested, $8/mo per person minimum). Because this membership includes progressive, cyclical content for those with and without access to gym equipment, it’s perfect for teams who need flexibility in programming!