Outdoor Course: Sweat & Strength

4-weeks, Saturdays 1:30pm April 30 - May 21

This 4-week course will consist of circuit-style outdoor training using our bodies, minimal equipment and the environment! Coach Ren will meet you at Salmon Bay Park in Ballard. (Stay tuned for more offerings in other neighborhoods… Let us know what outdoor options you want to see!)

Commnity members exercising in a sunny park.

Develop comfort, facility and strength moving through outdoor space and changing levels! We’ll use bodyweight, bands, and found objects in our workouts. Get ready to get sweaty!

When you enroll in this course, you’re enrolling for all four weeks. That means there’s not extra cancellation or no show fee if you can’t make it to a session, but you can’t “make up” that session with another service or outdoor session later. If you sign up and later need to cancel your registration, please email us at least 48 hours before the first session and we’ll take care of it!

Sweat & Strength is offered with flexible pricing, and special rates for members, including those in our coaching community.

Income– Unemployment without UI or disability
– Employed marginally or in a criminalized sector (not by choice)
– Unemployed with UI or disability
– Underemployed compared to cost of living
Stably employed at around the median income, with ability to cover unpredicted expensesStably employed above the median income, consistently have disposable incomeStably employed well above the median income, consistently have plenty of disposable income
Family of Origin Assets / Wealth– Family has no assets or debt is more than assets
– No access to family
– Family relies on me for help with basic living expenses
– Family has some assets
– I sometimes help my family of origin or chosen family with basic living expenses
Family has assets, like a house they are paying off– Family has many assets, like a paid-off house
– I will inherit a house and/or a small amount of money
– Family has many assets, like investments
– I have or will inherit wealth
– Someone else paid/pays my housing or down payment
Debt:Income RatioMy debt is from basic living expenses such as food, rent, utilities, healthcare, childcareMy debt, including student loans or car loans, are more than my yearly incomeMy debt, including student loans or car loans, is about the same amount as my yearly incomeLess debt than yearly incomeNo debt
Member Price$20$25$30$35$40
Non-Member Price (Click to Purchase)$40$50$60$70$80

Members — make sure you’re logged into your Pike13 account to access the special member rates!