Full Life Fitness Membership

This virtual membership is designed to support you as a whole athlete so you can strive for your goals and keep uplifting those around you! We believe it’s crucial to have a thorough understanding of why you’re doing certain exercises and how to perform them safely and effectively – that way you can feel comfortable and confident in your movement and progression towards your goals!

The Full Life Fitness Membership works alongside your physical gym access (whether at our Seattle facility or anywhere else) to offer workout programming, exercise technique instruction, and educational clinics to support a robust, healthy lifestyle.

Membership Features

Workout of the Week

As a member, each week, you’ll get access to a new Workout of the Week, a strength and conditioning plan you can complete at your gym. You’ll work on activation, mobility, strength, stability, and metabolic conditioning in one all-encompassing workout! Each workout has a consistent structure to it so you can find your rhythm, but with fresh exercises and variations every week so your time in the gym stays exciting.

Sample view of a Workout of the Week. Every exercise has a demonstration video!

Lifting Technique

Access a giant library of exercise technique videos! Take some time to learn how to execute some of our coaches’ favorite moves so you can perform them in the gym with confidence. These in-depth videos break down the details of each exercise, describing why it’s a good move to master or try out, how to perform the movement, and important safety considerations for those movements.

Use the massive library of in-depth lifting technique videos and work out with confidence!
Our coaches break down major movements in detail.

Core Training

Core strength is, well, a core part of our strength philosophy! Your core supports your spine and organs, as well as helps you transfer power into the ground. That means it’s not only central to athletic performance but can also help you live life how you want to! We focus on education about your core anatomy and function and dig deep into breathing, control, and precision, as well as connect your core work into the rest of your life. The bonus? You can do our core training anywhere, with no special equipment required!

Enjoy different class lengths and structures to fit into your schedule!

Soft Tissue & Mobility Clinics

These clinics will teach you a variety of ways to keep your muscles and other soft tissues moving smoothly and open up the mobility of your joints, both with and without the use of tools like massage balls and foam rollers. This information will help you learn how to counteract the effects of our modern lifestyle, where we’re often stuck in one position for long periods of time. Learn how to keep your tissues healthy, happy, and moving through their full range of motion so you can live your life to the fullest!

With multiple clinics on a variety of physical self-care topics, we’ve got your back!


The nutrition clinics in our resource library will help you understand how to best fuel every day, for different types of exercise, and for optimal recovery. We also have a full hour-long clinic with specific recommendations for folx with female hormones.

We collaborate with experts in various fields to get you the most updated and complete information from our clinics.

Mental Health

So many different aspects of our health interact and overlap to influence our quality of life. By getting in touch with your internal well-being through education on stress management, goal setting, mind-body connection, and more, you can see tangible benefits in how you feel mentally, emotionally, and physically. Our mental health clinics dive into different topics in these interconnected spheres.

Our coaches bring their passion and experience beyond simple physical training to give you robust support to live a full life!

Membership Options

We want everyone to have access to high-quality strength & conditioning and whole athlete resources, so the Full Life Fitness Membership costs just $10/month and down. Sign up for a six-month billing cycle and get one month free; sign up for yearly billing and get three months free!