Club Ultimate Membership

This membership is designed for ultimate players who are training for the USAU Club Series or other competition cycles ending in September/October.

Need help setting your rate? Learn more about our Name Your Price membership model.

Suggested Price: $25.00

Minimum Price: $20.00 every month with a 3-day free trial


This membership is designed to get you ready for your club season!

This membership includes access to:

  • Cyclical lifting programming designed to get you to peak performance for the club series
  • Alternate gym-free strength, stability, and mobility programming for those who don’t have access to weight training equipment
  • Progressive running programming that builds your running technique alongside conditioning and speed
  • A library of clinics and technique instruction videos, including:
    • Deep dives into form and safety for over 50 specific lifts
    • Video instruction for all major lifts and running technique elements
    • Clinics on speed and agility concepts and drills to help you understand how to maximize on-field performance and reduce the risk of injury
    • Mat-Pilates style core training instruction from the ultimate players’ lens
    • Nutrition clinics with specific recommendations for vegetarians and folx with menstrual cycles
    • Mental health skills training for personal reflection and interpersonal communication
    • Soft tissue and mobility clinics, including the use of soft tissue tools, K-tape, and other equipment-free movement practices to keep your joints moving well!
  • Reduced rates on Virtual Consults with our staff of Strength & Conditioning professionals


Our mission is to make high-quality strength & conditioning accessible to everyone, so this is a name-your-price membership. Because of the massive flexibility within this treasure trove of resources, the suggested price is $20/month USD. In order to recoup most of the costs of creating and maintaining the content, the lowest price is $10/month USD. If you have the financial resources, paying more than that minimum will allow us to re-invest in these programs and enrich your membership by adding more clinics with experts in the field and improving other aspects of our virtual programs!