Virtual Club Ultimate Memberships

Virtual Ultimate Strength & Conditioning Memberships offer workout programming and other resources to support club ultimate players as whole athletes. 

Our programming takes into account the changing seasonal demands of training for ultimate. We integrate a variety of methods into our training plans to improve your performance and stay injury resistant. Invest in yourself and take the guesswork out of your training!

What’s Inside?

Membership Options

$10/mo & down

  • Workout programming
  • Lifting technique
  • Running technique 
  • Core workouts
  • Rotating monthly clinic

$15/mo & down

  • Basic features, plus…
  • Clinic library including soft tissue care, K-tape, nutrition, mental health, and more!

Advanced Programming Add-On
$5/mo & down

Applications open late February!

Designed for players who have been lifting for a few years and need more complex programming to get to the next level, this add-on is available by application only.