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These articles are resources meant for everybody! Learn about mobility routines, how to make sense of workout programs, and more!

  • Take a Break – Upper Body Mobility Routine

    Take a Break! Work This Upper Body Mobility Routine You know the feeling. When you are sitting in the same position for longer than you can remember and you find your neck and spine are stiff. Give yourself a break, stand up and move about a bit, then try out these exercises before you move […] Read More

  • Hydration During Sports

    This article originally appeared on Ultiworld on August 23, 2018. Staying properly hydrated is key to a successful practice or tournament, no matter what the weather’s like outside. We’ve all had that teammate who cramps late in the afternoon on day two, exclaiming with confusion “but I’ve been drinking Gatorade all weekend!” There’s a lot […] Read More

  • Reading Workout Programming

    One of the biggest barriers to working out on your own using a program is understanding the language around workout programs so you can understand what you’re being instructed to do! Fortunately, there is some common language used by fitness professionals. Repetitions – Often shortened to “reps”, refers to how many times you’ll do an […] Read More


These resources are specifically tailored to the ultimate frisbee community. There are some articles on movement, as well as ideas about why we play and how to use ultimate to grow and support each other as human beings!

  • BertBrain Classics: Stats in Mixed Ultimate – Analyzing Team Progress with a Match-Up Ratio Lens

    This article first appeared appeared in the BertBrain blog on Upwind Ultimate’s site in July 2017. The language has been updated to reflect current terminology and rulesets governing playing ratio in the division. In 2016, Mixtape scrimmaged BFG, and the captains were discussing how a specific player performed. I went through the plays of the […] Read More

  • Training to Take Care of Others

    Coming back into playing team sports after a hiatus for the pandemic, I’ve noticed an area of training that’s easy to overlook when spending more time working out alone than playing with others. Team sports like ultimate require understanding of where you are in relation to other players. This skillset uses visual, auditory, and touch cues, and these are things we can and should develop! Read More

  • BertBrain Classics: Don’t Blame, Reframe

    This article first appeared in the BertBrain blog on Upwind Ultimate’s site in April 2017. The gender terminology has been updated, but all other content remains the same. I’m known as a person who states what’s on her mind and forms really strong opinions, sometimes to the extreme. Case in point, leading into tryouts this […] Read More


  • Summer Schedule Changes

    We’re making some changes to our weekly schedule that we’re excited to share with you! We’re hoping these shifts will make our offerings easier to navigate for both current members and people who want to join our community. More Classes We’re adding classes to bring our monthly total up to 90! We’ll have strength classes […]

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  • Community Slack User Guide

    Slack is a place for our community members to be able to get updates, reach out for any community asks and of course, share all the pictures of your adorable pets. You can also use Slack to reach a coach if you have questions or if you need to alert them that you can’t make […]

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  • Training Space in West Seattle!

    ISO: Coaches who want a great West Seattle space to train their clients! Strive & Uplift is a movement community run by an awesome coaching collective! We’re values-driven, experienced, and passionate about our members and clients. We also spend a good bit of time and energy working to dismantle toxic fitness culture and learning and […]

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