Women+ Pro Ultimate Programming Membership

We’ve designed a membership to get you ready to compete in the women-plus pro ultimate season! We’re so excited to be able to support athletes taking the stage to be role models. We’re inspired by you, and want to do whatever we can to support a successful season and career.

We understand the weight of the decision of playing the pro season – it takes time, effort, investment, and energy! We’re here to make things a little easier by providing workout and whole athlete care resources.

What’s Inside

We want to provide flexibility to teams and athletes participating in the women-plus pro season, so we’ve combined our in-gym and gym-free resources into one powerful package.

The program runs through the competitive season, with options to do use a gym or not, depending on what’s right for you. This offers the perfect balance for teams where folks have different access to lifting equipment but want to be on the same program together!

Overview of the training calendar through the pro season

Our lifting workouts are centered around the movement patterns of ultimate – enhancing strength, stability, and mobility in order to reduce your risk of injury, then translating that work to the game through power development in the gym and aligned running technique work on the field.

Example of the first part of a pre-season lifting workout

The membership offers a gym-free movement workout each month with individualized exercise progressions. These movement workouts follow a the same cyclical training schedule as the in-gym workouts to focus on developing strength, stability, and power.

receive daily homework and a monthly rotating movement circuit
Each phase includes daily homework recommendations and a phased movement workout. This is just part of the full workout!
all the videos for each movement workout are located in one convenient playlist, with captions for cues - watch anywhere!
All the videos for the movement workout are located together in one playlist so it’s easy to follow along and learn.

Both the lifting and gym-free movement workouts are paired with 1-2 running workouts each week, depending on the time in the competitive calendar. These are designed to progress with your season to get you ready to compete, with recommendations on how to modify your training volume according to your competition schedule.

running programming progresses alongside your competitive season
Example of the first part of an off-season running workout

It also includes access to our full clinic library, with topics ranging from mental health to soft tissue tools and mobility, as well as speed & agility technique videos that accompany the running work.

We support the whole athlete, from physical to mental health!

Membership Pricing

In order to provide the most flexibility for individuals and teams with different resources, we use a flexible pricing model for individual and team memberships. The membership includes a wide array of content:

Women+ Pro Ultimate Programming Membership Coaches