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Strive & Uplift and FROG Business Changes

Posted on Mar 6, 2024 in Articles & Updates and Updates

The Ballard-based gym location is rebranding and refocusing as Friends of the Gym, and the ultimate programming is staying with me, Coach Bert, as Strive & Uplift here! I’m so excited for the gym to take this next step and am sending all my love always to the Friends of the Gym! It’s such a […]

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Pilates & West Seattle Changes

Posted on Apr 19, 2023 in Articles & Updates and Updates

One of my favorite things about Strive & Uplift is how much we support each other in growth and change! We do this with clients and members, with our coaching team, and for ourselves. We’re incredibly excited to announce that Becca and Kira are going to be starting their own coaching operations in May! This […]

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Mask Policy Update

Posted on Mar 29, 2023 in Articles & Updates and Updates

Prompted by the changes in mask policy coming April 1st in healthcare facilities, and after polling and conversations with our membership, we’ve decided to change to a mask optional policy in our facilities, effective April 1st. Accessibility remains important to us, and with this shift we want to do our best to offer options for […]

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Reconnecting with Spaces

Posted on Feb 15, 2023 in Articles & Updates and General

Written by Coach Ren There is nothing like cutting thick black mats with an exacto knife to bring me back to when we opened the first Strive & Uplift facility in January of 2017. We expanded the movement space in the Ballard gym last week, and as I was sawing away (trying to be mindful […]

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Ballard Class Additions

Posted on Feb 13, 2023 in Articles & Updates and Updates

We’re grateful to our members for their participation in recent polls about class times! Thanks to member feedback, we’re adding a few classes and adjusting Sunday’s Gym Access time in the coming weeks. These additions and changes are all in-person offerings in Ballard. As the days get longer, we often find later evening classes work […]

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Evening Pilates Class in West Seattle

Posted on Feb 1, 2023 in Articles & Updates and Updates

We’re adding an evening in-person option in West Seattle! We’re changing the Pilates Flow class on Mondays at 6pm to a hybrid offering, so now you can move with Becca online or in the West Seattle location. All our COVID and cancellation policies for in-person classes apply to that section of the class.

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Gym Access Schedule Updates

Posted on Jan 19, 2023 in Articles & Updates and Updates

Your coaches are hard at work refining enrollment systems, jamming on space capacity, and moving things around/out of the Ballard gym space – the goal is to improve your movement experience! As a part of these shifts, we’re taking some Gym Access times off the schedule that haven’t been getting utilized, and also eliminating access […]

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Making Space for Yourself

Posted on Dec 21, 2022 in Articles & Updates and General

Written by Coach Ren The “Long Dark” is upon us, and the holidays are challenging for many people. We’ve been sharing ideas during our class check-ins about how to support ourselves during this time of the year. Light subconsciously helps us regulate and gives us energy – it’s good to think about how to create […]

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Weather Related Schedule Changes

Posted on Dec 20, 2022 in Articles & Updates and Updates

Due to road conditions, we’re canceling some in-person services. You can join us online for our classes. Stay safe and warm, friends! Tuesday Dec 20 Wednesday Dec 21

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Policy Update: Mask Optional Times Suspended

Posted on Dec 13, 2022 in Articles & Updates and Updates

Due to a high level of the combination RSV, flu, and COVID circulating and putting strain on local hospitals, public health officials in King County are currently recommending masking in indoor public spaces. For the time being we are suspending our Mask Optional times and going back to requiring masking at all times in all […]

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